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Inspired by body adornment from around the world and carefully handcrafted,
from the blending of dyes to achieve the desired colors,
through the adapting of individual elements to prepare them for stringing,
to the acid etching of glass beads to provide an earthy organic finish
and the handwaxing of patinaed casings to preserve the variegated colors,
each piece is created to make a bold and lasting impression.




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Wadibijou: One of a kind and limited edition wearable art jewelry handcrafted by Diane Victoria Flores, featuring fiber art jewelry inspired by ancient Egyptian jewelry (beaded broad collars as worn by the ancient inhabitants of the Nile valley) and African and Oceanic body adornment, incorporating manmade and natural elements such as brass bullet casings, glass beads, wood beads, coco beads, and fava beans.