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note #1
It was the small "golden" tubular shape of spent 22 caliber casings that first caught my eye.
note #2
I first saw dried fava beans in an open bin in a middle eastern grocery store. I was immediately drawn to their tactile forms and warm earthy tones.
note #3
Floral collars composed of real flowers, leaves, berries, and other perishable organic materials were imitated in durable form using molded faience (quartz-based glazed composition) elements. They were the "costume jewelry" of ancient Egypt.
note #4
Coco disk beads from the Philippines were at one time readily available at bead wholesalers in New York City.
The snaky strands were attractive, but once cut a mixed scatter of disks of the larger diameters was irresistible.
note #5
One of my early designs was based on Egyptian faience collars made for funerary use. Because the funerary collars were not meant for everyday wear, the necklines were not complete circles.
note #6
The essential basic element in my jewelry is the cotton cord.